This morning we’re going to be talking about gainsaying. This is part three of our series on subverting the Gospel and let’s start with prayer.
Lord we come before You this morning in the name of Jesus the one who You have set apart to be our Redeemer and Lord and King. We ask for Your [...]

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Watch and Pray Series #6 – SUBVERTING THE TRUTH

Gary L. Cox
It’s frustrating to a theme when the Lord gives you in the middle of that theme something really special and you know you’re going to be at least one week if not two weeks on this little side note getting back to the theme. But we have such a theme this morning that [...]

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Single- Hearted With Beautiful Feet

Pastor Gary L. Cox

The Lord put a message on my heart for people that aren’t married that are over the age eighteen.

If you’ll open your Bibles up to 1 Corinthians chapter 7, I’ll try to find some words to introduce the discussion. For you visitors who are just visiting, what you don’t realize is that we spent quite a bit of time during this last year talking about issues relating to marriage and family and we’ll probably do that some more in the future…

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Watch and Pray Series #5 – Vain Belief

We’re going to begin in 1 Thessalonians chapter 2. As we begin let’s go to the Lord in prayer.
Come thou fount of every blessing, help us sing Thy praise to Thee. Lord we are here this morning only because of Your mercy, only because of Your grace, only because Lord You have worked in us [...]

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WATCH AND PRAY #4 – How Do You Wait?

Good morning. How is everybody doing? I’m enjoying the study, this is my last series. I’ll be doing this until the Lord returns. Watch until He returns, that’s the theme. And we’re trying to figure out what the Bible teaches about watching until He returns.
As I began thinking about this theme of watching, I kind [...]

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What Does It Mean To Be A Disciple?

Pastor Gary L. Cox
We have been discussing what it means to be a disciple and watching and waiting for the Lord’s return. We’ve been looking at it in a little more practical standpoint, what the Scripture teaches should be the evidence of our watching and waiting as we’re waiting for His return. I have sort [...]

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Watch and Pray Series #2 – What Does It Mean To Follow the Lord?

Good morning. I am personally enjoying this study and I hope that it’s o.k. with you all that I’m approaching it at least primarily from a practical and a personal standpoint. I feel this is a really important and valuable study for me and my family. So I’m attempting to learn all that the Lord [...]

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Watch and Pray Series #1 – FRUITS OF REPENTANCE

Let’s pray. Lord we gather this morning in the name of Your Son and because of His High and Holy Name we reckon Lord that this is a sacred assembly. Lord we don’t gather here to promote our own interests or lift up our own selves with pride or satisfy our own desires Lord, we [...]

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Doctrines of Life Series #1

Let’s start with prayer. Lord we thank You for Your Word that You have given to us with Your absolute stamp of authority upon. We thank You Lord for the need that we have for Your authority in our lives and we ask even as pause for a moment this morning, that You would renew [...]

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Post Election Power For God’s People

If you look at Romans chapter 13, the Bible tells us the basic nature of God, and His purposefulness of government. You know, there is one thing about God’s principles or His laws in His creation, when He sets them forth, they are neither voted on by man, nor are they in any way able to be removed by man. He puts them there and they function, and they function in spite of all of the vileness or all of the good intentions of man. And human government from God’s purpose, has one primary focal point, one primary purpose: it has the purpose of abating evil.

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